Collection: Aloha

We are so excited to share some of our partnerships with local Hawaiian brands with all of you ~ From our scouting trip this spring, comes Of One Sea & soon to shop - Soley Aloha!

WHY we chose Of One Sea

They take existing plastic rubbish, largely from discarded plastic water bottles, and break them down to create fine thread fibers that are then blended with their 4-way stretch swim fabric. The fabric is still flexible & durable, doesn't take a ton of water, dries quickly and is still comfortable to the touch. AND they are woman owned!!!

WHY we chose Soley ALOHA.

This woman owned shop sat at the front of boutique lined Paia, Maui. This charming town is the true representation of the aloha spirit. If you love laid back, tropical wear, with trendy prints, then this brand is for YOU!

Hope you fall in love with these magical pieces as much as we did on their beautiful islands of Maui & Oahu. 

Mahalo for stopping by!