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Custom Sublimation Sheet Transfers

Custom Sublimation Sheet Transfers

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Sublimation transfers are printed on specialized sublimation paper, available in three sizes to reduce waste. This is a great option for small businesses, schools, athletic teams, and church groups.

Print multiple images on one sheet!

  • 3"x5"
  • 8"x10"
  • 8"x14"

Measure the area you'd like sublimated. Choose the size sheet you need, order and email your high resolution, print ready image (PDF, JPG, PNG) to: 

How it works:

The sublimation process is fairly simple. Polyester is made of plastics, though it looks like thread, it is made of very thin tubes that make up the garment. These tubes 'absorb' the ink and it becomes permanent through heat!

This means you can get FULL COLOR prints for pennies on the dollar. BONUS - No design cracking!

NOTE: A polyester or poly-blend garment must be used. We recommend anything over 50% polyester, transfer results vary depending on the poly percentage.  Best and most even image transfer distribution if heat press is used. ONLY light colored garments will work, since ink absorbed in a dark garment will not be visible. 

*The closer to 100% polyester you get, the brighter the transferred image.
*The closer to 50% polyester you get, the more vintage the transferred image.
* Sublimation will NOT work on cotton or dark colored shirts.
* You MUST apply sublimation transfer with a heat press. It can not be applied with an iron.
* Press image at 400 degrees for 60 seconds.

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