Puerto Peñasco Makes Top 10 AirBNB List!

Puerto Peñasco Makes Top 10 AirBNB List!

Puerto Peñasco Sonora, Mexico, once a small fishing town, has in our lifetime transformed into an international beachside playground. Though gone are the days of college-aged Sandy Beach campouts, the resort filled coast has consistently seen a stream of families visiting and working remotely south of the border, since the pandemic.

The Arizona Republic reported that this past summer they expected 50%+ more visitors than in previous years. While restrictions at the border tightened the number of bookings increased!

Travel to Puerto Peñasco or Rocky Point, how many tourists have come to know it, isn't expected to stop. Hostaway, a rental property management software, shared the Airbnb list of Top 10 Airbnb Mexico markets to invest in, and our small town made the list! Are we surprised? No!

We love Rocky Point just as much as you! It makes us extremely proud and excited to see the growth and energy that an influx of investment means to our home town.

You may be anticipating the 'but', and if you'd like to truly discuss how we can all make a difference, then stick around because we want to get to know you, exchange ideas, and perhaps even come up with a solution. 

Here we go... Stay tuned for our second post to dive into this discussion.


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