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Liftedhope Bracelets

Confetti Bouquet 💐 Bangel Bracelet

Confetti Bouquet 💐 Bangel Bracelet

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Beautiful Multicolor small beed confetti Bracelet by Liftedhope

About Liftedhope Bracelets

The Lifted Hopes shop is more than just a place that makes bracelets and sell them. It’s a place that puts out a message that cheap labor cannot be justified, no matter how you look at it. I have established an environment where women can actually make the type of wages they deserve, but it goes so much further. All the profits Lifted Hopes make gets shared equally. In other words, there is no room for fighting or competing. There is constant understanding, support and motivation between them. Lifted Hopes represents a place where they can continue to support themselves and rise above their geographic and social challenges. There’s even an emergency fund available, just in case one of the woman is in desperate need of money.

Made in Nepal


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